7 Best WordPress Adsense Themes

Even though there are many ways of making money with your blog, Google Adsense is still the most popular among bloggers as it is the easiest to use and does not need anything but a click to make money for you.

However in order to maximize your earnings from Adsense, it is important to optimize your site properly and choose the best possible ad positions so that your visitors end up making more money for you. With the help of these top 7 WordPress adsense themes, you will experience a higher click-through rate and more earnings from your blog:

Premium Adsense Themes:

1. Adsense CTR Theme

CTR Theme is the ultimate adsense ready theme for wordpress that lets you customize your blog in a variety of ways to get much higher adsense clickthrough rates. The theme makes sure that you optimize each and every space on your blog and don’t let any income generating opportunity slip.

Adsense CTR Theme

The best part about it is that is comes with Google recommended Ad placements and also multiple subthemes to get the perfect theme that suits your need. The theme is also optimized for superfast loading and comes with an ad randomization feature that rotates your adsense ads betweenthe various Google recommeded positions so that you can get to know which placements are yielding the best clickthrough rates.

Price – $67

2. Socrates Theme

Socrates Theme is currently the most popular Adsense optimized wordpress theme that is being used on more than 92,000 blogs. The main reason for this is that the theme makes it extremely easy to customize your blog with 1000’s of unique designs to deliver the highest clickthrough rates. It has been created by the marketing Guru Joel Comm, who is the author of the New York Times bestselling book “The Adsense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense”.

Socrates Theme

Joel has designed this theme using all his experience of optimizing the income from Adsense. If you have this theme, you will pretty much not need any other theme ever since it is search engine optimized and comes with over 220 niche headers, multiple layout options, custom blog styling and color options.


$24 for Single Website License

$47 for Unlimited Website License

Free Adsense Themes:

3. Golod Adsense Ready Theme

This is one of the most widely used free adsense ready themes that makes good use of the real estate on your blog by cranking it up with adsense ads. It is a 3 column theme that comes with a left and right sidebar which can be used to put up ads as well as other widgets to lower your bounce rate.


4. Prosense Theme

A fast loading and free theme that is not only highly customizable but is also built to support maximum ads. The theme is designed in such a way that it attracts the visitors’ attention to your adsense ads, while not being intrusive to the user. The theme also comes with a search engine optimized structure with clean codes and well validated codes. Though the design is pretty bland, the other handy features in the theme make up for it.


5. Bluesense Theme

Bluesense is also a free adsense theme that is built for just one purpose: increasing your CTR. However I would only recommend you to use it on static, information type websites (niche websites) since the theme makes for pretty boring display and can put off the visitors on your authority blog. Talking about the pros, the USP of this theme is its ultra fast loading type and SEO optimized structure.


6. Ads Minded Theme

A decent looking free theme that pretty much relies on the sidebar for displaying most of the adsense ads. Also supports 2 column sidebar that can be used to display not only ads from adsense, but also from other CPM networks, thereby increasing your earnings. One of the other benefits of this theme is that the ads aren’t too obtrusive, yet deliver decent CTR’s. Best for tech blogs since you can also use the sleek sidebar for affiliate banners apart from adsense.

Ads Minded Theme

7. Monetizing the Web Theme

A simple and effective 2 column theme that comes with a fixed width layout. Unlike other themes, this one has a left sidebar since visitors are more likely to click on ads which are on the left side of the screen. There is also an option to display adsense ads between the header and the title to further improve your CTR.

Monetizing the Web Theme


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