What Makes a Successful Business Tick?

You’ve decided to go into business for yourself. You’re seriously considering going with a chain that has already been established, such as a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise, but first you need to figure out the best way to make it work toward your advantage. Take some tips from those who have gone before you to pave the way toward success.

It’s All About Location
You need to put careful thought into your location. You need a promising spot that will be easily accessible and draw people toward your business. Surround yourself by too many competitors, especially those who offer a similar product, and you’re likely to drown. Place yourself off the beaten path, and few will find you. However, you are probably going to pay more in a popular, commercial zone. You need to weigh all of your options, consider what is affordable, and figure out where the most profits are to be made.

You Need to Secure Your Finances
If you are going to run a business, you need the financial means to do so. You’ll need a lender to assist you in becoming established. From that point, a steady cash flow will be necessary in order to keep the doors open. Hire a skilled accountant to help you manage the money matters once you get going. Don’t be surprised if you need to turn to your source of funding at some point in the future.

Build a Strong Foundation
Your business will depend on the strength of your staff. No matter how wonderful your product is, it won’t sell if you do not have good people working on your behalf. Be highly selective when you are engaged in the hiring process. Pay close attention to your employees while they are on the job. Reward those who excel. Weed out anyone who is not up to par. 

Know Your Customers’ Worth
Your customers mean everything. If you can’t make them happy, you can’t run a business. It is as simple as that. Take good care of every consumer who walks in the door. They will spread the word about you when you give them the red carpet treatment. Listen to their concerns, offer special promotions, and make your customers feel welcome each time that they walk into your business. You can expect many happy returns.


  1. Hello Harshit,

    I think this is a very interesting question to address “What Makes a Successful Business Tick?”
    I know that every business case is unique and you were trying to help and share some basic fit all businesses tips but it would be much more interesting if we made this “Cold Stone Creamery Franchise” a case study.
    What would make an “Ice cream and Birthday Cake” business tick ?
    Unlike every other business i don’t think finding customers online would work in this case, i could only think of distributing brochures to residential areas with Free delivery service.
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  2. very inspiring business tips.thanks for the list
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