What Is Major Medical Insurance for Horses?

Getting medical treatment for a horse is no small expense for most families. You do not want to be forced to make a decision to not seek treatment due to the cost. Major medical insurance for horses is designed to help ease the financial burden during times of serious medical need. It will help ease the stress and help you concentrate on the needs of the horse.
The Expense of Sudden Illness and Injury

Veterinary care is not inexpensive when it comes to the care of a horse. The animals are large and require more medication and often, difficult procedures to regain health. A sudden serious illness or injury can have bills skyrocketing into thousands of dollars. Major medical insurance for horses can help contain these costs. You pay a deductible amount just like you would for your own health insurance. The horse can get needed medical treatment without destroying the family budget.
Needed Surgical Procedures

Some injuries and illnesses require surgical intervention. Surgery on a horse is not as easy as other smaller types of animals. The sheer size can make this a difficult process. This is one reason the costs are so high to have surgery done. Major medical insurance for horses will help defray the costs so that your beloved horse can have needed procedures done. They will back on the road to good health in no time.
Physical Therapy for Recuperation

Physical therapy for horses has to be done by a licensed experienced professional. This can be a long-term medical necessity, in some cases. Having major medical insurance for your horse will ensure they can receive the treatments that are necessary, at a cost you can afford.
Health and Wellness Exams

You can get a major medical policy for a horse that allows for a health and wellness exam. Begin the year knowing that your horse is in top physical shape. This is one way to catch any problems early, when treatments can be done easier and with more success. It has the potential of adding years of health and vitality to the horse.

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