Upcoming Domain Extensions in the Near Future

Many businesses look for the best domains from private citizens who just own a bunch of domains. In the next few months, businesses will be fighting with everyone to register the all new extensions coming out of ICANN. There’s going to be a ton of new extensions with everything from .BOOK to .KNITTING. Some companies can even register their own extension. Google had a bidding war and lost the battle to get .GOO. Who knows what companies will pay to purchase a domain once the frenzy ends.

You can get all of your domains easily with the domain name registration service at Register.com. They offer all of the latest domain extensions and even have the cheapest rates for .COM and .NET registration. You can also get private registration, bulk registration and much more. While many sites will be gearing up to sell all the new extensions, you should look for the fastest and cheapest place to register the most domain names so that you make the most out of your investments, even though it’s a small amount.

ICANN will be releasing the first of these new domains in August, but some have suggested that it actually won’t be available until September. ICANN has said that the number of new extensions will be unlimited with the possibility of new releases each and every week. Many companies have applied to their own extensions like .Microsoft, .Apple and even .Netflix. However, ICANN isn’t approving every domain name down the line. ICANN has recognized that this is going to change the Internet in a lot of ways and many people aren’t too sure what will happen especially for businesses.

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