Underground Exploration without Digging

Date Published: 28/02/2014

Are you involved in engineering involving underground technology? If so, there’s tool for assessing underground data without spending a great deal of time and effort digging. This tool is the SuperSting™ R8/IP/SP with the following features:

  • High bandwidth communication
  • Up to 100 meter radius range
  • Works on Android™
  • Graphical User Interface

This is dedicated to examine underground installations, survey, and create a digital picture of the area you’re examining.

This device is valuable for the following situations:

  • Archeological surveys – searching for sites and large artifacts
  • Cave and void detection – to examine for hidden caves and sites
  • Dam investigations – to find leaks in dams or dykes to assess security
  • Down-hole tomography – used in drilling applications
  • Engineering and Geology
  • Environmental surveys
  • Groundwater exploration – works better than dowsing any day

These applications make the SuperSting and its related tools extremely useful for a number of types of work.

The catalog lists all the tools available including cables and software for customizing the hardware. AGiUSA also provide instructions and seminars on usage of the SuperSting and related tools.

No matter what industry you’re in, you may want to purchase one of the SuperSting family. Imagine the uses for a water specialist in the area of the Ogallala Aquifer. As the Aquifer is being used, the levels of water are decreasing, leading to dropping of the water table and access for wells to tap the water available. Sometimes redrilling wells is necessary and the SuperSting could help you estimate the level to which the well needs to reach.

Maybe if you’re located in the Southwestern United States and in the process of searching for the site of the Seven Cities of Cibola. You have a lead on the site of a purported city and cannot to do a full excavation-use the SuperSting to seek levels that indicate the presence of construction.

Even more practically, in the aftermath of an earthquake or natural disaster, the SuperSting could be used and modified to determine voids in rubble where survivors might be located.

Use your creativity to posit uses for the equipment offered by Advanced Geosciences Inc. The company will be pleased to help with your ideas.

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