Top 7 Free Thesis Skins for Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme

Thesis is no doubt one of the most popular and widely used WordPress themes especially for tech and news related blogs. However the only downside to it is that without customization, it looks pretty bland. If you have bought the thesis theme but do not know much coding, then here is a list of the top 7 skins for your Thesis theme which you can use to make the job much simpler for you.

1. Looks Good Naked

Looks good naked thesis skin

Don’t worry about the name, the theme is pretty good. I’ve seen it being used in several blogs and it does a pretty good job despite being free. Although it’s no more in development, you can contact the owner to get the download link.

2. Thesis Bare

Thesis Bare


Best for those who are looking for a minimal theme with simplicity being at the core of its design.

3. Neoclassical

neoclassical theme

My absolute favorite theme due to the poise and elegance it exemplifies. It is simple yet very organized and neat, something which makes it ideal to use in several niches.

4. Straight Shooter Skin

Straight Shooter Thesis Skin

A minimalistic theme using just two colours – white and grey, and perfect for any kind of blogs thanks to its neat organization, easy navigation and clean layout.

5. A Bright Idea

Bright Idea Theme

A free Thesis 2.0 skin that comes with several features inspite of being available for free.

6. Network News

Network news theme

If you want something that can spice up your blog then Network News is the theme you should go for.The fiery red colours, combined with a clean layout makes it a great choice for tech blogs.

7. BizLife 2.0


Though it has been released recently ,it is right up there when it comes to the looks. Simple yet elegant is what defines this theme.

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