Top 5 Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing

When I was just about starting my blogging career, I had nothing else in mind but to go after the most profitable niches, the niches where most of my money lay. While it may not be a good idea to go ‘only’ after the money today, my reasoning behind it was simple – I just wanted to get a piece of the luring pie.

If you want to try your luck to chase the big niches too, then this article might just be for you. Half a decade back, there wasn’t such great information available on the net about niches that might be profitable, but now since I’ve stepped in the game myself, I can claim to know some really good niches that can be tapped (although you would have to tap hard enough!). So let’s take a look at some of these best niches for affiliate marketing:

1. Relationships

With all the crap happening in people’s lives these days, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the ‘relationships’ niche tops the list of most profitable niches. As relationships is a huge niche in itself and can cover thousands of topics, there are various sub-niches that you can look to target.

For example, breakup is one such lucrative niche that can turn out to be a big money-maker, but only if you can ramp up your game and speed ahead of the flourishing competition. The best part about ‘the relationships’ niche is that the conversions tend to be pretty good. The reason according to me is that people are undergoing emotional ups & downs, so they’re basically looking for something that can heal their heartd and in the hope that they might find such a thing, they end up buying products that claim to help them in such times.

Some well renowned & highly converting products in this niche are Men Made Easy, Pandora’s Box – A Man’s guide to the female mind, Get Your Ex Back etc. I’ve had success with all of them, so you can rest assured they will convert with the right traffic.

2. Weight Loss

Weight Loss is another all-time favorite niche for most internet marketers as most of the population these days suffer from obesity and desperately want to lose weight. The big players in the industry are already cashing in on the huge potential of this niche and although it’ll be hard for you to break into it initially, if you can succeed in doing it, sky is the limit literally as far as making big bucks is concerned.

The only downside to this niche is the lack of keywords as most people just search for extremely competitive keywords such as “how to lose weight” so there aren’t many long tail keywords that can bring traffic.

Although many people tend to classify this niche as a part of the much larger ‘fitness’ niche, I wouldn’t really agree with that. Fitness is a different niche in my opinion and one that I’ll deal with later in this article.

3. Forex

I’ve not really tried this niche but analysing some of the products and the conversion rates, the Forex niche sure seems to be one of the top ones that you should be looking to lock in on.

While there is not a dearth of well converting products, just like the weight loss niche, the only downside is the apparent lack of money making keywords, so you would either have to rely on PPC to get visitors to your products/blog or work really hard on the SEO part to rank for the main keywords that people search for.

However there’s one more thing that you could do to cross-promote your product or service and that is to start a blog that teaches people some working strategies for forex trading or write some product reviews, but to be able to do that you would need to be well aware of forex trading yourself.

4. Muscle Building

Another hot niche that is being creamed by some of the big guns in the internet marketing industry. Unlike some of the other niches that I discussed above, there is no dearth of keywords that you can try to rank for.

While I won’t reveal the keywords myself, I will leave it to you to dig deep and find out more about this well converting niche. The good thing about the muscle-building niche is that you can potentially target both overweight as well as the underweight people, since all of them have just one motive in mind, and that is to get ripped and build some muscles.

The top converting products in this niche that I’ve tasted success with are No-Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince Delmonte, Muscle Gaining Secrets and The Muscle Maximizer.

5. Money Making/Internet Marketing

Though money making and internet marketing might sound like two different niches, they’re practically one and the same, as both of them cover nearly the same aspects.

The best part about this niche is that people are looking for quick ways to make a fortune, so selling them a product by making enough hype about it isn’t too tough. If you look around, you’ll find some insanely converting products and believe me, there are literally dozens of them. Probably that’s the reason why there is such intense competition to go around as well.

The downsides? Well, as I said, breaking into this niche is much harder than any other niche as every pro marketer knows the most money is to be made here. Another problem with this niche is that although the conversions are great, the refund rate tends to be pretty high as well.



  1. to my knowledge Affiliate Marketing is a better way of marketing because it shows to direct and quick result and is an easy way too!!

  2. I’m in affiliate marketing and poetry. Experimenting with different niches is really fun.

  3. Hey what about the tech industry? I think everyone is embracing tech stuff so I think it is huge! :)
    mitz recently posted…How to Monetize a Website – The Rocket Science Behind it AllMy Profile

  4. Good list of profitable niches. I think out of these the forex is very profitable.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted…Pangong Tso LakeMy Profile

  5. I am currently covering weight loss and it is converting really awesome. I started in august and almost gave up, but in November my efforts started paying off – now I am making in excess of 400$ with one site, and am building another mini site in that niche.

    Another niche I am approaching is gambling including casinos, bookmakers, poker and similar – using PPC, not SEO as I live in a low cost country for Facebook and AdWords.
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  6. I do believe Internet marketing/Money making is the best way to earn quickly without depending on Google Adsense… If Fact Affiliate marketing gives you more income than Google Adsense in a quick days…
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  7. I love online busisness and all sort of business niches I can apply affiliate marketing. Currently retaken the affiliate marketing on the make money online niche.

    Thanks for the article. Nice blog

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