Thunder Mailer – Mass Emailing Software Review

There are times when we feel the need to blast off our message to thousands of people instead of having to mail each one personally, especially when we are promoting our new business, product or service.

Although newsletters are exactly for this purpose and some services like Aweber and GetResponse do an excellent job, they usually require months of patience before we can build a sizable email address database.

Thunder Mailer

So here comes an alternative to all of that, a software named ThunderMailer which is basically a mass emailing software that incorporates a host of features that make emailing and managing subscribers quite easy.

The software has been developed by a company called 100 Software based in Malaysia. In quite a small time frame, the software has been able to generate a lot of buzz, particularly because it caters to a demand that is prevalent in the markets.

Thunder Mailer is perfect both for individuals and mid sized organizations that need to interact with their clients on a regular basis to keep them abreast of the latest promotions, discounts and other offers.

Thunder Mailer Features:

Although Thunder Mailer comes with dozens of features which would need an exhaustive write-up to cover, we’ll discuss the main features that would be sufficient for your email marketing campaigns:

Email Personalization – Personalize your messages by inserting the customers/users names and making them feel that your email is especially for them.

Import Email lists – A feature that allows you to import any of your email lists so that you need not add each email address that you previously had manually.

WYSIWYG Editor – A great way to edit your emails the way you like, without the need for any prior HTML expertise or knowledge.

Test emails – An important aspect for any marketer, a test email allows you to send the email you created to yourself and see from a users perspective how that email appears.

Filter Emails – With many email addresses being forfeited by their owners, an email marketing software needs to have the ability to block out the email addresses that are not working anymore and those that are being blocked or marked as spam by the recipient.

Free Version – In order to let you get a feel of their product, the company is offering a free version that comes with all of the features of the pro version, but is limited to sending 100 emails at a time, which is sufficient to test it out.

If you are wondering why anyone would prefer it over Aweber or Getresponse, the answer to that is it is a one-off investment rather than a monthly payment. The software costs just $69 which is pretty cheap if you’re serious about email marketing.


  1. Kumar Rai says:

    I have the registered version of Thunder Mailer. It’s a really good piece of software as it works really well, never had any issue emailing to my list of more than 40 thousands subscribers. Aweber is also good, but I don’t like their monthly fees… so if you don’t like paying forever, try Thunder Mailer.

  2. I am looking for a mass email program, since I am tired of paying monthly for crap Aweber. Looks like ThunderMailer is my solution, will check out this program. Thanks!

  3. unfortunately once they get your money the program goes unregistered and there is zero response from company. I tried reentering auth code and works for a while then goes back to unregistered. now at 5 times I’m locked out and it says contact company. I’d love to but over 3 weeks and still zero response. rip off

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