This is How People Judge You

We are no strangers to being evaluated by the next person in line. Doesn’t matter if this mere acquaintance of yours has never talked to you before, there is a far greater chance than not of them trying to asses you. Qualities like kindness, honesty, humor, and intelligence are highly sought for.

In the professional world, where creating the right (first) impression is so important, your personality has usually been judged by the following factors. Of course, these may or may not be true, but then this is what Steve Liefschultz believes people make of you through these signs.

1.     The handwriting

A research said one could almost predict traits of a person by the size of their handwriting and by the way they write. The results pointed for individuals with small handwriting to be meticulous, shy, and studious kind; any guesses what larger handwriting would represent? That’s right, they would be the more outgoing and people-oriented type.

It also showed that individuals who were applying more pressure when they penned scripts were ones to take life seriously; in a parallel universe, individuals who kept their hold light were supposed to be sensitive and empathetic. Slant them to the right, and you can be the friendly person as compared to the pragmatic one who doesn’t slant at all or the introspective who has letters slanting to the left.

2.     The nail-biting phenomenon

A habitual reaction to certain circumstances, irrespective of whether you pick at skin, pull hair, or bite your nails, can all send negative vibes like frustration, impatience, dissatisfaction, or boredom. The latter in particular, i.e. nail biting, is associated with perfectionists, particularly when they are nervous or tense.

3.     The shoes and the color of your dress

Need a conversation starter? Steve Liefschultz suggests you to glance at the individual’s shoes. Look at them and you will know for sure around 90% of their traits. Gender, income, age, political affiliation, it’s all so subtly reveled by the color, cost, condition, and style of the shoe! And if you can afford a couple more minutes of casual observation, don’t forget to factor in their clothes as well.

If black is what you have seen them wearing most of the time, rest assured that they are artistic, sensitive beings who like paying attention to details. Individuals donning a green outfit can be your affectionate and loyal friends; pick one wearing red, and you have someone who is proactive in their efforts; blue are the considerate and stable companions; while white make for the logical and organized one in the group.

4.     The punctuality and the handshake

Last but not the least, a true professional creates the right impression from the time he shows up – early or late – for the scheduled commitment to the cordial handshake – firm or weak – you make at the time of greeting. Be the early bird and you will be considered thoughtful to not waste the other’s time in addition to being self-motivated and mentally organized for the appointment. Where proposing the handshake alone can be insightful on you being truly friendly, a good, strong handshake later you can also boast of a confident personality.

How do you judge people? Let us know below!

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