The Influence of Customer Service Representatives

customer serviceWhether or not your customer service representatives have gone through the Impact Learning training course, you can be sure that they are having a large influence on your customers and the way that they view your company. Part of this is due to the fact that most people who call the customer service hotline are already unhappy about something. They may have a product that has broken after they have owned it for only a few days. They may have gotten a service from you that they did not think was worth the money that they paid. Either way, they are not going to be happy to call you.

What this means is that they are often short with the customer service representatives. Of course, they know that the reps had nothing to do with the failed product, but they do not know who else to take out their frustration on. They could be very argumentative.

This creates a potentially detrimental situation. If your customer service workers feel slighted and they lash out at the customers, the whole thing is going to escalate very quickly. You could lose that customer for life, even if you end up replacing their broken product with a new one that they love. If your reps are kind and understanding, working to defuse the situation, they can often create a repeat customer, however. The person will be so happy with the way that the issue was resolved that they will put it all behind them.

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