Take These 5 Steps to Turn Your Ideas Into A Start-Up

startup1So you have a lot of ideas in your mind but can’t seem to find a way to convert them into something tangible, a real business that is. There’s no doubt that your belief in your idea might be true, but you need to take action to translate that into real results. Here are five steps you can take to turn your ideas into a start-up:

Start With a Business Plan:

The whole concept of a business plan seems to get most aspiring entrepreneurs sweating, thinking they need to create a eighty-page blueprint on how to go about creating and managing their start-up. However it doesn’t have to be that way. The idea behind creating a business plan is to make realistic assumptions about the potential of your idea and write concrete steps that need to be taken by you to achieve the success you desire. It also gives you an overview of your current financial situation and the funds you’re going to need going ahead. So as long as you cover all of these aspects, just a few pages would be fine too!

Define Your Audience:

The second thing you need to do, which is perhaps the most important of all when it comes to starting a new business is to clearly identify and define your target audience so as to get a clear picture of who you need to target and the potential revenues that can accrue from that segment. Once you have identified your core customers, it is also important to find a way to reach out to them, i.e. create a marketing strategy that will help them get to know about your services/products.

Build Your Product:

If you’ve created a business plan and are sure of the potential market for your product or service, and have also clearly identified your target customers, the obvious next step is to act fast and build your product/service so as to get it out in the market before anyone else does. You can always tweak it depending on the response from the customers, so for now just make sure you don’t procrastinate and build it as soon as you can. Also, in order to save space and money try outsourcing your logistics to a third party logistics company like LeSaint Logistics.

Launch a Website:

Once you’re done with the business plan as well as identifying the market you’ll target, the next thing you need to do is to get a website up and running. An online presence helps build trust among potential customers and gives them a feeling that your business/services are for real. Having an official website not only helps build your brand in the long run but also makes it easy for buyers to buy your products and services without much hassles.

Turn to Social Media:

Social media is already proving to be the next big thing, with companies of all sizes making sure that this medium is tapped to the fullest. With the amount of time people spend these days on social networking websites, it makes sense for you to utilize it and tap its potential as much as you can, by letting your friends and acquaintances know about your products and services, which not only gives you free publicity but can also bring in new customers by way of viral marketing.


  1. Hi Harshit,
    You rightly pointed out that prior planning becomes a core thing to start any sort of business. The whole list of points fall perfectly in the way we have to plan in order to see a pleasant result later on. In an age of social media, we have to make the best use of the same towards popularizing as well as marketing our business. The whole post is an informative one. Kudos to you for bringing out such a wonderful post.

  2. When people get bored of jobs they think of startups and they fail due to the perfect plans and management. Nice intro to the basics but there’s lot more than this. Keep writing.

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