Shopperpress Review – WordPress Shopping Cart Theme

Want to start a shopping website but not sure how to go about it? Or perhaps you cannot afford to pay the unreasonably high prices charged by developers to set up a custom ecommerce website. Whatever the case, I have the perfect solution for you, a premium wordpress theme named Shopperpress that can do the job exactly as you want.

What is Shopperpress?

Shopperpress is bothing but a premium wordpress theme that instantly transforms your wordpress website into a full-fledged shopping cart website, complete with all the features that you can think of in an ecommerce website. With Shopperpress, you can set up your own online store in a matter of minutes, since you just have to install the theme, spend a few minutes in customizing the options (choosing the skin, adding products etc.) and you’re ready to go.

Why Shopperpress Instead of Custom Designed Website?

You might be thinking what should you go for Shopperpress instead of getting a custom shopping website designed by a professional website developer, so let me share my experience with you. A few weeks back, I wanted to set up an ecommerce website related to electronics so I contacted some of the website developers in my town to get a quote of their charges. Every single one of them quoted a price in the range of $1000-$2000 and that too for the most basic ecommerce website that would do nothing more than displaying the products and accepting orders from customers (no fancy stuff, such as zooming option, coupon codes, related products etc.).

Then I heard about Shopperpress from a fellow blogger. Since it costed under $100, which was nothing compared to the prices that professional developers were charging, I decided to give it a try. All it took me was about a couple of hours to enter the products, tweak the design and incorporate the payment processor and my very own shopping website was setup. No hassles at all.

Shopperpress Features :

Shopperpress comes with so many features that it’s very difficult to explain them all in detail. So let’s take a quick look at some of the best Shopperpress features:

20+ Store Designs

Shopperpress comes with more than 20 professional looking designs that make it incredibly easy for you to tweak the layout of your website until you select a design that you think would be best suited for your store. You can even customize the look of each design and upload a custom logo if you want.

Shopperpress review

Products as Posts

This is one of the best features of Shopperpress that makes it very easy for you to add new products to your website. Unlike other ecommerce templates, you don’t need to add products in complicated databases. You can simply add a product just like you would normally create a new post on your WordPress website.

Built-in Payment Gateways

As you know, a payment gateway is required for every ecommerce website to process the transactions. To make the process of incorporating a payment gateway to your website completely trouble-free, Shopperpress comes with 20+ built-in payment gateways including Paypal, CCavenue, Moneybookers, Google Checkout etc.

Unlimited Installations

Unlike most premium themes that require multi-developer licenses for use on multiple websites, Shopperpress comes with unlimited installations which means you just have to buy the theme once and you can use it on as many websites as you want!

SEO Friendly

Shopperpress is a search engine friendly theme which means the new products you add to your website would get indexed in Google pretty quickly, sending you traffic from organic search as well.

Other Features:

Multiple currency support

Coupon Codes Integration

WordPress Plugins Supported

Lifetime Free Upgrades/Support

Major Affiliates supported (Amazon, CJ, Ebay etc.)

Google Adsense ready

Google Analytics Integration

Shipping & Tax Calculation

Easy Blog Setup

Multi-language support

Overall Verdict:

I would bet all my money that Shopperpress is simply the best ecommerce theme developed so far, and it has each and every feature you can want in a shopping website. I can’t stop recommending it enough, so you should just try it out for yourself!

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