Making a Hospital Safer for Everyone

A hospital environment should be safe and sanitary for everyone who visits. Patients, family members and medical personnel should be protected from slip and fall occurrences and other dangerous situations. The following are some products that can help keep hospital visitors or staff members safe:

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Masks

Bacterial filtration efficiency masks are one of the most important elements to have at a hospital. The masks protect hospital personnel and patients from contracting life-threatening infections. All personnel should wear such masks when they have direct contact with sick persons in a surgical or personal matter. The proper use of BFE masks can prevent a facility from dealing with a lawsuit if someone contracts an infection that causes pneumonia. Hospitals can purchase BFE masks by the bundle from a reliable wholesale hospital equipment dealer.

Disposable Medical Gloves

Medical gloves are another protective item that facilities can purchase in bulk to protect its patients, nurses, doctors and the like. A pair of disposable medical gloves can prevent bacteria from spreading through hand-to-mouth contact or hand-to-eye contact. Hospital administrators can order such gloves in packages of 1,000 or more.

Air Flotation Mattress Overlays

Air flotation mattress overlays can prevent back pain and discomfort for patients who have back injuries. Such mattresses are for use with bariatric bed frames and other equipment. They can protect patients who are at risk for developing skin injuries, as well. The mattresses provide a therapeutic environment as well as a protective cushion for a long-term patient. Air flotation mattress overlays come in all shapes and sizes. Manufacturers construct them of a wide variety of materials, as well. Silicore is an example of one material that a hospital can request for its air flotation mattress overlays.

Locking Casters

Locking casters are the perfect item for ensuring that hospital carts stay in place at all times. Purchasing professional locking casters can prevent dangerous surgical equipment, hot coffees, food items and specimens from falling off the cart and causing an injury or illness. Manufacturers create a wide variety of casters to fit the needs of the hospitals. Swivel casters allow the carts to have movement flexibility as well as extreme stability. Most casters are made of a polyurethane material, and they can last for many years. Access Casters is an example of a company that offers such devices. Hospital administrators can visit the company to view its selection.


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