Make your Business More Efficient Using Employee Time Tracking Software

If you have a business, then you know the importance of employee productivity, for the growth of your business depends on the performance of the employees and even though they may claim to be giving their hundred percent and working hard on the job, facts and figures never lie. Hence, it is always better to have your own mechanisms in place to check and verify whether your employees are belying your trust or really working hard indeed. While manual methods can also be used, they are at most time consuming and tedious to implement, not only for the employees to record their day’s work but also for you to go through, and with environmental concerns too plaguing our society, it is best to go digital and employee automated softwares that can improve the efficiency by leaps and bounds.

While there are many such softwares in the market now, Timesheet Portal is one of the best web based software in the business, for they offer a number of features that can propel the productivity of your employees in the right direction. First of all, as you might have imagined then pen and paper system is replaced by online system wherein timesheets are submitted by employees online and can be approved by their managers. The best part is that emails are sent whenever timesheets are submitted or reviewed. The program also supports modules for expense management with multiple currency expense forms as well as receipt uploading and approvals so you can track the expenses on a timely basis. The backend system also enables tracking of paid or unpaid expenses that can be downloaded by PDF or excel. A feature for client invoicing is the cherry on top of the other features as it can be used to generate invoices for your clients directly from the timesheets and expenses that have been submitted into the software. If you’re looking to implement a time based employee tracking mechanism in your company, then going for it would be a good move.

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