Make Moving Easy with a Storage Container Rental

Moving ranks as one of the most stressful moments in your life. Even if you let someone else do the packing and moving for you, you’ll probably find yourself chewing your nails and dealing with an anxious feeling in your stomach until the truck arrives safely at your next destination. When you have heavier or larger objects that you need moved, including a sleeper sofa or a heavy dresser, you might find that those pieces take up a lot of space in a moving truck and leave you little space for your other belongings. Renting a storage container will give you all the space you need and make you feel a little better about your move.

How Big is a Storage Container?

Storage containers come in a wide range of sizes, but when you rent a container, you can usually choose between one that is 20 feet or 40 feet long. A smaller container has enough space to store everything found in a large living room or multiple smaller rooms, and you might find that the largest containers have enough free space for your entire house. You can also use these containers to store heavy equipment and machinery, vehicles and anything else you can name. 

Why Rent Instead of Buy?

While you can always sign a storage container rental contract, you can also buy a container. The main reason why so many people rent instead of buy is because they just don’t have enough space to store a container in their lawn. Take a look at your backyard or think about the yard in your new home. Do you really have the space to store a large storage container outside? With a rental unit, you can use the container for as long as you need and make one phone call later to get it out of your yard.

Choosing the Right Company

Port Containers is your ultimate source for container rentals. Depending on the size of the unit you choose and the duration of your rental, you can often rent a unit for less than $3 a day. The company carefully and thoroughly cleans each unit after a rental to ensure that your rental is in perfect condition and ready for your belongings. It delivers storage containers to locations all across the country, and you can usually get your rental in two days or less. Clean out your house, make a move or just store unwanted items with a rental container.

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