How to Secure Your Confidential Data in the Office

business dataWhat do companies such as eBay, Living Social, TJX and Evernote all have in common? The answer is they’ve all been the victims of serious data breaches. In today’s technology-dependent world, businesses in all countries and industries are exposed to online threats such as hackers and malware. The real world also presents problems; physical robberies, natural disasters and lost paperwork are all distinct possibilities. So how do you prepare for the worst? Below you will find five tips that will help you ensure that your confidential information is kept safe – how many do you already implement in your office?

Have an Organised Filing System

Securing your materially sensitive files doesn’t just mean safeguarding them from intruders. Lost and misplaced paperwork or online files can be just as damaging to your office’s productivity, as well as your peace of mind! Combat this by having a well-planned and considered filing system. Use simple file paths, physically label folders and take the time to really think about how your filing system will come together.

Monitor and Control Access

One of the best ways you can secure your office’s information is to monitor and limit who has access to it. If everyone can simply walk in to your file room, access filing cabinets or download files online, how will you know who has what and when? Are files being duplicated? Are they being returned to the appropriate area? Avoid these pitfalls by having a clear hierarchy, whereby only senior staff are permitted access to confidential data, or have one employee in charge of monitoring access.

Educate your Staff

To ensure compliance with your new filing system and rules, you need to take the time to educate your staff members. This doesn’t just mean handing out manuals or a long, boring email. Make things relevant by using examples of security breaches; once they know how much is at stake, they will be sure to treat the matter with the necessary care and seriousness.

Opt for a High-Security Cloud Storage System

A specialised high-security cloud storage system is a great investment for any business that is determined to make the most of the technology’s benefits and have peace of mind at the same time. So how does it work? Products such as Your Digital File feature newly developed encryption technology that scrambles files; these files can only be opened and read with a password-protected digital key. Another benefit of using a product like this is that you won’t need to download encryption software; not only will this save you money, but encryption software can sometimes negatively affect the performance of your other computer programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Shred and Print Securely

Finally, you need to re-think how you print and shred paperwork. For confidential documents, always use secure print. You will be prompted to enter a four digit code both before printing the document and then again at the printer, meaning no one will be able to see or take your printed items! Keeping your data confidential also means disposing of it in an appropriate manner. To this end, you can either opt for a professional shredding company such as The Confidential Shredding Company or supervise the disposal yourself.

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