How to Make Money From Your Blog – Part I

Admittedly there are many ways to make money off your blog, both direct and indirect. Unfortunately a lot of people (and most bloggers too!) associate making money online with Adsense. While Adsense may definitely be one of the oldest methods for generating a few bucks online, it is certainly not the most profitable one.

Surprised? Well, you ought to be, especially since you’ve always been made to believe that Adsense is the one and only method of making money from your blog. Fortunately, now there are a million methods that can make you money (not literally, but somewhat) – CPC, CPM, CPA, affiliate marketing, email marketing, direct advertising and so on. In part I in the ‘Make Money From Your Blog’ series, we are going to discuss only the first two, that is, Pay per click and CPM. I’ll cover the rest of them in the follow up posts. So let’s get started:

Cost Per Click (CPC):

The most widely used and the easiest way of making money with your blog that lets you generate revenue from your blog irrespective of the niche. With a few tweaks and a bit of optimization, you can make enough money to pay your rent. What? ‘Enough to pay your rent’ ? Yes, because it can make you a few bucks each month but it certainly can’t make you a millionaire. The reasoning behind this is simple, you get paid per click, which basically means you are sending visitors off your blog as leads to the advertiser and it is him (the advertiser) who’s going to benefit from it, not you. Anyway, this is part of a wider discussion so I’ll take up this topic in some other post. For now, let’s discuss a few of the popular cost per click programs :

Google Adsense – Almost every publisher knows about it or has atleast heard about it, so no point discussing too much about it. Let’s just put it this way – it’s currently the best pay per click program in the market, with decent cost per clicks and quite a lot of advertisers in their inventory. Suitable for all niches.

Chitika Premium – Another popular CPC program, though it is best for publishers based in US. Doesn’t quite compare with adsense but can work well in conjunction with adsense in certain niches. Works best for product related niches such as computers, laptops, digital cameras and so on.

Adbrite – Though it has been around for many years, and some webmasters have been using it effectively to generate revenue off their websites, it hasn’t somehow worked for me yet. The ecpm is just way too low. But it can work as a decent alternative to adsense. Something is better than nothing, remember?


CPM (Cost per thousand):

Cost per thousand or CPM, as it is popularly known, is another age-old method of monetizing a website. The logic is simple, you get paid per 1000 impressions. Though it seems to be an easy way of making money and works for many top earning blogs and websites, the downer is that the ecpm per 1000 impressions is quite low, usually in the range of $0.50-$1.00 at best. And I’m talking about traffic from the US. If your blog or website gets traffic from Asian countries, you might as well forget about using CPM programs. They’ll make you cents, literally! However, since we’ve taken it up as a method of monetizing a website, here’s a list of some of the popular CPM networks:

Tribal Fusion (Requires 500,000 unique visitors a month)

Burst Media

Technorati Media


Casale Media



  1. Can adsense, chitika and adbrite work properly if they’re displayed in one site at once? I don’t have any experience of it. Thanks

    • Harshit Singhal says:

      Yes, they can but Google has clearly specified that the type of ads should not be the same, that is, the overall format of the ads should be different.


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