How to Make Money From Blogging Without Adsense

Though most bloggers rely on Google Adsense for their income, it is not necessary that you have Adsense in your blog to earn money from blogging. In fact there are many other methods that can make you money even if you don’t put adsense ads in your blog. Also since Google is not easily approving publisher accounts these days, you should know some other methods of making money with your blog as well.

Let’s take a look at some popular monetization methods that bloggers are using to make money from their blogs:

blogging-income1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simple to understand, but somehow a bit difficult for newbie bloggers to make money with. It involves promoting other people’s products and getting a commission for each sale generated from your blog. Although it may take some time for you to learn affiliate marketing, once you get a hang of it, you’ll be able to make loads of money from it. The best part is that it works in almost every niche, so you should choose the best affiliate programs for your audience and then work hard to promote these. The best networks to start are Amazon Affiliates and Clickbank.

2. Advertisements/BuySellAds

If you run a popular blog on technology, web design, SEO, blogging or photoshop tutorials, that gets a decent amount of traffic, your chances of getting approved on BuySellAds will be quite high. Although BSA takes a 25% cut from the money you make, it will help you get many advertisers for your blog and all you have to do is to place their ads on your sidebar or any other place that you choose.

If you have a blog on any other niche, or you have a smaller blog, you can create an Advertise page on your blog and try to woo prospective advertisers to advertise on your blog. This way you can land up with some direct advertisements that will make money for you each month.

3. Write Paid Reviews

If you have a blog with decent pagerank – PR 2, 3 or more, you can make money by writing sponsored posts which are nothing but paid reviews of other companies’ softwares, tools or services. Generally you won’t even have to do much for this, as advertisers would themselves contact you to write paid posts if your blog has a good pagerank & quality content. This is one of my favorite methods to make money as it doesn’t take much work.

4. Sell Links

Again, if your blog has a high page rank, then many website owners would be interested in buying links from your blog. You can place their links on your sidebar and sell as many number of links as you want. This is a good method to make money from your blog every month without doing anything. However since this is against the rules of Google, you should use this method at your own risk. But if you use it in moderation and only sell links of websites that are related to your niche, then it won’t cause any trouble.

5. Offer Services

These days many bloggers are offering a variety of services on their blogs, such as freelance writing, wordpress setup, theme customization and so on. If you have good knowledge of anything that is related to blogging, then you can cash in on your knowledge and use it to make lot of money every month. You just need to put up a Services, Hire Me or Resources page on your blog to attract potential clients.


  1. Hello Harshit
    nice post
    Affiliate marketing is one of the best alternative to Adsense for a blogger. As you said buysellads also offers good earning opportunity, but for limited niche sites only.
    thanks for sharing this post
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