How to Improve Alexa Ranking Fast

Improve Alexa RankingAlexa Ranking is a much talked about thing in blogging circles, with newbie bloggers always looking for ways to get their site to a decent ranking while the experienced ones work hard not to let their rank slip.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking is a ranking given to all websites on the internet by the Amazon owned company Alexa, which regularly measures several factors about websites and assigns them an appropriate rank based on their popularity. However the rank is not completely accurate since it is based on estimated data, which can be off target at times.

Does Alexa Rank Matter?

Since blogging is all about promoting yourself to the readers and gaining trust from them, it is important to improve your blog’s ranking on every possible medium as it is indirectly linked to the reputation of your blog. Also Alexa rank is taken into consideration by many ad networks and advertisers, so you will definitely do yourself a favor by improving your rank as much as possible.

How to Improve Alexa Ranking Fast?

Since Alexa can take some time to establish data about a new website or blog, most new bloggers have to bear with a pathetic alexa ranking for their blogs for the first few months. However it is possible to improve your alexa ranking fast, just follow these simple steps and you will notice a steady increase in your alexa ranking:

1. Install the Alexa Toolbar

This one is the biggest contributing factor towards a good alexa ranking. If you have the toolbar installed, whenever you open your website, it will be counted as a visit by Alexa and your rank will start improving. Although you can open your website a few times everyday, I won’t advise you to constantly do so, as your blog might be removed from Alexa if they get to know about it.

2. Use Alexa Widget on your Blog

You can make use of your blog’s sidebar to install the Alexa widget. It can indirectly lead to an improvement in your rank since the widget will accurately count the number of visits to your website.

3. Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks help boost your site’s alexa ranking so you should try to get as many links as possible from a variety of sources, such as blog commenting, guest posting, press release etc.

4. Update Your Blog Frequently

Bloggers who do not update their blogs frequently notice a drop in their rankings, so you should always keep updating your blog. A posting frequency of one post every couple of days should be sufficient.

5. Ask Your Visitors to Install Alexa Toolbar

Encouraging your blog’s visitors to install the alexa Toolbar can help improve your alexa rank since Alexa would be better able to track the traffic of your blog.

Though there are a few other things which can increase your alexa rankings, the above discussed five are the most important and will help your site get a good ranking on alexa quickly.



  1. I never knew that Alexa got their information from the Alexa toolbar… That means I could be getting a ton of views, but if nobody was using the Alexa toolbar when they viewed my site, my rating would be bad.

  2. Thank you for this Blog, it really helped me with my website hosting tnt. My Alexa score is coming down slow but sure. Barry

  3. Thanks for your advices. I will try it, and I hope I can get a better Page Rank as soon as possible. Have a nice days… ^_^
    Kelsey Jenney recently posted…Get Free WordPress Themes For BusinessMy Profile

  4. hi how to improve alexa. I am doing all this stuff but no improvement. Previously within 3 days the rank improvement was about 8 crore but now it is not better than previous one. I have good content now but no use.
    murralii recently posted…How to get Facebook Notifications directly on your mobile phone?My Profile

  5. Hi..i have created a lot of backlinks for my website http://WWW.NIFTYBEAR.COM But in Alexa Widget my ranking is getting better…But total Links in is showing as 2 from last so many months.please help me out..

    • Harshit Singhal says:

      Hi Rajesh, links take time to get indexed in Alexa, and some links might never even appear. The fastest ones to be counted in Alexa backlinks are authority ones, so make sure to get quality backlinks instead of quantity.

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