How to Go for Audience Measurements on a Global Scale

Audience measurement is one field that did not have much visibility and importance in the past few decades but now with newer sources of media coming up, it is but natural for this metric to come into limelight since companies who  spend millions of dollars as part of their marketing budget need to get best in class insights into their audience as well as the marketing channel on which they are going to splurge. It is keeping this in mind that we decided to cover some of the ways your business can go for large scale audience measurements that might come handy for you in the near future.

With firms such as Kantar Media Audiences coming up that specialize in audience measurement and providing critical insights through their data, it is imperative for a firm to make use of it before going full throttle on their campaigns. Some of the ways that encompass audience measurement and that you could utilize as your key metrics are:

Readership: Mainly used for physical forms of audience engagement, such as newspapers, magazines, journals and the like. But equally important nonetheless since you would want to keep a tab on the readership of the magazine or newspaper you are going for. Although their effectiveness has declined over the year and their trend may be declining, they are still important sources as of now.

Viewership: This unit of audience measurement is useful for those interested in gaining insights into the engagements over television and are based on the viewership of a channel at a particular time frame. Depending on the viewership, the rates can significantly vary, hitting their highs during prime time when the engagement is most.

Pageviews: This is used for the online channel. Pageviews are the number of pages an individual has gone through on the website and is something that is extremely important these days with everyone making use of internet, thereby presenting a huge opportunity for audience engagement at affordable costs.

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