How to Get Adsense Approval Fast

Google Adsense Approval FastEvery aspiring blogger knows that Google adsense is easiest way to make money from a blog. All you need is some decent traffic to your blog everyday and the dollars won’t be far away. But with a whole lot of new blogs and websites being launched all over the internet, getting approval from adsense isn’t so easy and can take a good amount of time.

Also with so many changes being introduced by Google every so often, there is every chance that your new blog or site might be rejected in the first attempt. Though there are many websites that claim to get you fast adsense approval, you should never go for them as they can permanently get you banned from Adsense, and your money will most probably be wasted.

There is a lot of talk all over the internet now that Google is not accepting new bloggers from India, Pakistan, China etc. as a lot of fraud click activities have been recorded in Adsense from members belonging to these countries. But there is absolutely no truth to this rather baseless rumour and a Google employee, named Mrs. Gracey made a statement that clearly refutes this rumour.

“If the website is of good quality, with original (not copied) content, and has been active for at least 6 months with lots of content and if it follows all of the adsense policy, terms of service and webmaster guidelines, then the website would likely be accepted by adsense, regardless of whether it was from India or Canada. All potential adsense publishers must meet the guidelines, no matter where they are from. Those who aren’t getting approval probably have websites that are of poor quality or contain a lot of content that is copied from other places, or are not 6 months old yet”

So now the question is how to get quick adsense approval? Once you know some simple rules and tips, you can get adsense approval fast, mostly within a week or so. These are:

1. Wait for 6 months before applying to Adsense (a rule introduced recently by Google).

2. Install a clean theme in the meantime and write some killer posts.

3. Make sure the content you write is not copied from anywhere, is useful for the reader and is free of grammatical mistakes.

4. Promote your blog on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

5. Build a few backlinks to your site, mostly by commenting on other sites and if possible, guest blogging as well.

6. Submit your blog/website to Adsense for approval and wait for a few days.

If you have followed the above steps diligently, you would certainly be accepted by Adsense. When I started blogging, I had posted only a couple of posts on my blog but those posts were really in-depth and offered lots of value to the reader, so I was accepted into the Adsense program just two days after applying.


  1. Very useful information.and Mrs. Gracey statement are i follow your 6 tips for adsense approval.thank you…

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