How to Block a Website in Google Chrome/ Internet Explorer & Other Browsers

I have an annoying habit of regularly checking my affiliate stats to see whether any sales have been made. But most of the times, I end up wasting a lot of time, checking the same stats every few minutes. I guess this is the problem or rather a habit of most bloggers. They end up wasting their time doing unproductive tasks like checking their adsense earnings, clickbank stats, email accounts and so on.

So I decided to block my affiliate websites to prevent me from wasting time on them. I recommend other bloggers to do the same and only check their stats once a week. You can unblock the website every week and utilize your saved time in doing productive tasks such as writing blog posts, researching content, forum marketing, blog commenting etc. This can really boost your traffic if done rightly and consistently.

How to Block a Website

1. Open Windows Explorer and type “C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc” in the address bar.

2. Right-click and open the file “hosts” in Notepad.

3. At the bottom of the text file, write “” followed by a space, and then the URL of the website you want to block. Don’t prefix “http://” or “www” in front of the url. For example, if you want to block Yahoo, then type –> “”

4. Save the file and restart your computer.


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