Here’s How Money Can Buy You Happiness

Think that money is the root of all evil? Here are a handful of ways that money can actually improve your life.

1. Treat Yourself to a Nice Bed

When you have a comfy mattress and pricey sheets, you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

2. Move Closer to Work

Studies have shown that people are their least happy while commuting. You may need to spend a little more to afford rent closer to work, but you’ll save on public transportation or gas. To perform property searches, check out

3. Buy a Nice Car

If you can’t avoid a long commute, at least make the trip enjoyable with a nice car. If you take good care of it, you can sell it in a few years and make a bit of money back.

4. Upgrade Your Computer

Do you work from your laptop? You can’t rely on an old model. Upgrade your computer to get your work done a lot quicker. Plus, you’ll have access to new tools and apps that can make your life much easier.

5. Create a “Life Stinks” Savings Account

Things happen that require money right away. When you have to fix your car or call a plumber, you’ll need a way to fund it. Having a savings account with emergency funds will provide you peace of mind and let you solve your problem quickly.

6. Tip a Bit Extra

If you want to be treated well at the places you frequent, you need to act like a VIP, which means tipping more than you usually would.

7. Invest in an Entertainment Center

Kicking back at night to relax isn’t enjoyable if you can’t watch your favorite shows. Put a bit of money into an entertainment center so that you can unwind when you deserve to.

8. Travel to Visit Your Friends or Family

Is there anything more restorative than bonding with loved ones? Book a ticket to see the important people in your life.

9. Cook with Premium Ingredients

You don’t need to be a gourmet chef in the kitchen, but you should have two or three gourmet meals in your arsenal. You’ll be amazed at how great food tastes when you spend extra on the ingredients.

10. Book a Therapy Appointment

Therapy is more effective at improving your happiness than having more money is, but you can’t book that appointment without some dough. If you’re suffering from anything that’s wreaking havoc on your mental well-being, spend your money on treating the problem.

In truth, when used correctly, money can actually be the gateway to happiness. 

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