Google Pagerank Update June 2013

Pagerank Update May 2013There’s a lot of talk about the pending Google pagerank update in May 2013 as bloggers from all around the world try to anticipate the change in the pagerank of their blogs.

Most of them have been working hard on building quality backlinks to their blogs in order for Google to reward them with the much valued pagerank since all bloggers know the value of Pagerank and how it impacts the revenue of their blogs as a better pagerank almost always equates to a better income.

In the last update of pagerank in February, ExceptionalBlogger had got a PR2, thanks to all the effort I put in writing guest posts for some of the best blogs in the blogging niche. This time I’m hoping for an even better surprise, preferably a PR of 3 or more. Let’s see whether it becomes a reality or not.

Google Pagerank Schedule:

Although Google does not announce publicly when they would make their Pagerank update live, it happens once every three months roughly. Since the last update was in February 2013, one can say that it will be updated very soon – perhaps in the first or second week of June 2013 since Google hasn’t rolled out any update in the month of May.

Since the update is not very far, you should keep a close eye on your blogs as their pagerank might start getting updated in a matter of a couple of days. However if Google rolls out a surprise this time by changing its usual routine then it might be a different matter.

How to Check Your Pagerank:

If some of you are not sure where to check out the PR of your blog, there are several quality sites out there where you can get to know the latest PR of your site. My personal favorites are:



Masspagerank allows you to check the PR of several sites at once, whereas PRChecker is a very fast tool that shows the PR of your site instantly.

Stay Away From Spammy Links:

While I can understand that most of you want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to building backlinks to your blogs is concerned , but you should not go overboard in doing it. Especially since Google now keeps a close eye on blogs that link to bad neighborhoods, it’s always better to stay away from any of the spammy links such as:

  • Links from Link Farms
  • Link Exchanges
  • Low quality sites

Always go for quality linkbuilding, which includes guest posting, commenting on quality blogs and so on. This will keep your blog safe from any of the link penalties in the future, hopefully!


  1. Hello Harshit bro, can you please give me some tips that can give me PR 4 in this PR update. I know it’s very difficult and needs lot of efforts and hard work, but I want to know what should I do to achieve this goal.
    Ankit @ Blogger Tricks recently posted…Special Trick For Bloggers To Increase Google Page Rank 2013My Profile

    • Harshit Singhal says:

      You’ve yourself written a nice article on increasing the pagerank, so you would already be knowing how to do it. Just the usual – build dofollow backlinks through various sources and don’t think about PR4 yet. Take it step by step and first try to reach PR2.

  2. Harshit,You have written on a topic of use to me.Page rank of my website is 0.I am trying to improve it since last 4-5 months.I used to check my PR almost every day.I did not know that google updates PR every 3 months or so.I thought it updates as and when the site qualifies….Thanks….
    Karnal Singh recently posted…Nurse / Physiotherapist / Pharmacist / Paramedical Staff Vacancy in CRPF 2013My Profile

  3. Thanks for providing useful tips for google page rank update.But what we have expected about page rank update but google is not updating its page rank database till now.So when will be the next page rank update.Please inform
    Kishore behera recently posted…Kaspersky Internet Security Android version for 6 months license key free downloadMy Profile


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