Getting Started in Domain Name Flipping

domain-flippingDomains are the real estate of the Web. Snapping up an in-demand domain name can yield high returns on your investment, allowing you to sell it for a profit later. Domain name flipping is one of the hottest ways to make passive income online, and many people are enjoying regular income as virtual Web real estate agents.

Getting Started in Domain Name Flipping

Domain name flipping involves getting a good domain name that is in demand and selling it for a higher price later. Some domain names can be bought for less than $10 and sold for thousands of dollars in a matter of days. The best domains are those that are short words or phrases like or While the majority of short word domain names are long gone, there are still some gems out there that you can buy and enjoy huge profits from later. An easy way to make quick cash is to register names corresponding to pop culture and news events.

The first step in getting started is to get a domain. There are many registrars online that sell domains. These pieces of Web real estate are inexpensive, and you can register a new name for less than $5 in some cases. If you find a name you want but it is already taken, do not despair. You can contact the owner of the domain and make arrangements to purchase an existing name.

Valuing the Domain Name

If you choose to buy a domain name from its current owner, you will need to know its value in the Web marketplace. A domain name appraisal will tell you exactly how much you can expect to make from your domain name and how popular it is on the Internet. This will help you to make an educated decision about the price you pay for your new domain name.

Flipping Your Domain Name

Once you have acquired a domain name, you can then flip it for profit. Register your domain name with a registrar or auction site and list your asking price. You can also submit your information to the WHOIS directory so that potential investors can contact you and make offers on your new domain name.

Domain names are the newest form of real estate. With domain names like selling for $500,000, there is a river of money in domain name sales. Find your perfect domain name and start earning money today.


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