Get more for Less – Ink Cartridge Yield Enhancement Tips

If you are concerned about making your ink cartridge last longer, then your concerns are pretty genuine.

Printer ink and ink cartridge are very precious and the resources tend to run out when they are most needed. There are a lot of things you could do to make the most out of your ink cartridge. For more details, visit

Choose Econofast as Default

There are a lot of quality settings that the printer has to offer. These are “Best”, “Normal” and “Econofast”. If there is no requirement for high quality prints and you are really looking to save on your printer ink, then choose the Econofast print option by default.

Don’t Use Color if Not Needed

There are many times when you would not need a color ink. For most of the documents, only black print is needed. So, keep in mind to change the print settings from color to black and you will be surprised to see the increase in your ink cartridge yield.

Use better Paper

Well, believe it or not, the quality of paper does affect the ink usage. With a better paper, you can get the same end print at lower quality. As the paper is cheaper than the ink, so this is definitely a viable option.

Take care of Quality

Always be sure of the quality you need for each job. There are many times you would require a low quality print which would save your ink and hence enhance the yield. So, for less important tasks, use the fast speed print. Speed is indirectly proportional to quality and therefore it is essential to go for a high speed printing to save up on your printer ink.

Print what you Need

There are a few online website editors which will help you to print only what you like. Sometimes you don’t need the ads or the pictures. So, this will help you edit your final draft and help you print what is required. You only need to enter the URL of the website which you need to print and then it is very simple to edit it.

Print Layout

There are a lot of Print layout options you have where you can print a lot of pages on a single page and even print on both sides, which will definitely save ink and increase the ink cartridge yield.

Turn your printer on and off manually

You can turn your printer off manually to save your ink from drying up. With the manual on and off button the ink cartridge is parked properly and the ink is saved from drying up quickly.

Go on Printing till the End

There are a lot of chances that there is a report that 10-30 % lifetime of ink left. So, print till it dies and make sure the replacements are done on time. It is never too late to save ink and you should get started as early as possible.

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