Facebook is dead? What’s next?

Facebook has been deemed as the most ‘in-thing’ of the current generation. Social networking has become a craze with people of all generations, since the advent of Facebook. It is not just the coolest social networking sites where one can easily access the profile of others and get to know what is happening in there, but gather useful information about the world. One can make new friends of all ages and at all ages. Old friendships get revived and new friendships initiated. Chatting, messaging, wall-posting, tagging and playing games, Facebook is everything that the young generation looks for and wishes for. But, every product has its own lifetime. Everything gets old, out-of-fashion and uninteresting in due course. Facebook itself took over Orkut, and became the shiny new toy for youngsters. What has happened to Facebook?

  • With changing times, the tastes and preferences of people have changed and acquired in different dimensions as they are constantly eager to explore new things. Continuous improvement and innovation can engage user’s to find and explore new things around and rebuild the social network for next generation. Somewhere, it’s missing in Facebook and other Social networking sites.
  • A major reason behind Facebook getting old and un-favorite is that over the years people are joining in millions. The feeling of being part of a rare and special site has got lost, as anybody and everybody is getting into the network. Therefore, the original members are gradually bidding adieu to Facebook and waiting for a new glam and tech site to make its presence.

What do people want?

  • Facebook shows each individual as a profile, associated to it. But, there are different aspects of each one and he/she would want the world to know about it. Be it the mad, be the professional or the happy-go-lucky. Everything about the person would be clear, which will make it easier to be friends with him or even do business. It feels good when one’s personal habits match!
  • Customized homepage functions can be added in Facebook which allows users to upload themes, set different color background and make it the way they want it be for their profile visitors.
  • A custom URL can be released for each user to maintain ownership and show individual identity just like in Tumblr.
  • A social app could be another alternative which should be useful where one can earn profits by sharing contents. Also, solutions for product sales and closed marketing circuit would be earned, in place of the useless likes and comments.

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