Different Ways of Advertising Online

With the evolution of World Wide Web, the use of internet in every field has increased tremendously. Whether it is about getting the news about any recent of age old occurring in any part of the world, searching information about a topic from any field, entertaining oneself with the latest movies and games available online, conversing and connecting with the people who are residing in the different parts of the world with instant clicks or shopping from a store that is not even present in one’s area, internet has certainly gained a place in the routine lives of humans which is becoming significant with each introduction in the World Wide Web.


Marketing through internet- A growing trend

Like every other field, online advertising has also been on a high end from the last few years. The major portion of a company’s advertising expenditure in being invested in the online sources of advertisement as it is more in the reach of the people and hence attract more business for an industry that any other source of marketing. However, there are different types of internet marketing and one need to choose the ones which seem to be more suitable for the kind of business that one runs.

Listed below are some of the types of internet advertising that a person can adopt to promote the products and services offered by its trade:

  • SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing is one of the most popular technique of advertising on the internet. It is the tendency of every individual to visit the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Chrome whenever any information from internet is required. These search engines enlist number of websites with the relevant information as searched by the user. However, being on the top of the search result list is what makes a company more popular as the users generally visit the top results only while the others are ignored. Having the SEO content hyperlinked in your website would make it appear among the crowned search results on these engines, hence increasing the traffic on your web page.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

There are so many blogs and web sites available on the internet that is owned by the individuals rather than a company. The technique of Pay per Click advertising makes the marketing work easier for the companies as the responsibility of the same is shifted to the owners of such web pages. A small advertising column about the company’s official website is published at such web portals and the owner gets paid for every click that is being made on the web link, that is, for every visit made by the users to the website.  Consequently, to gain more income the owner would put in more efforts to get your website promoted on his page.

  • Social Media Selling

Social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook are highly popular among the internet users. Every person who uses the service of World Wide Web is considered to be having an account for regular use in one of the social networking communities for sure. Thus, having one’s business advertised on these web portals would imply the attraction of more customers and hence more business opportunities for a company.

  • Promotion through Videos

People generally find reading the material on websites really boring at times. Besides, YouTube is a very popular portal for uploading, viewing and downloading videos which is used worldwide by the internet users to view all the pictorial representations.

Stake Paul feels that the internet has emerged as a very strong advertising tool which can be used by the companies to survive in the neck cutting competition. He thinks that having the information stated for them through pictures and videos can make the visitors of your website more luring than any other source. Just like Wayne Gattinella, he too says that it can face local and as well international competitors.

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