Designing an Office for the New Age Workplace

With an evolving work environment, many companies are looking for new office designs. From cubicles to conference rooms, dismantling the old and replacing it with open spaces requires help from commercial interior designers. However, before you begin the march toward what is lean and flexible, think about what you want to ultimately accomplish for your company.

Encourage Transparency and Camaraderie

Knocking down walls and cubicles has become the norm as more companies want more open space. If you desire, managers and senior executives can also sit in open areas with employees. An alternative is to replace walls with glass.

Not only are you creating an environment for transparency, but you may also encourage team spirit. Employees and clients alike will get the message that your company has an open culture.

Everyone can express a willingness to participate, learn and have valuable conversations.

Provide Privacy for Employees

While you may want an open office design for transparency and teamwork, it is equally important to have privacy spaces for employees who need a quiet area to work. Individual tasks and private conversations still have value in modern offices.

A good mix of both ensures employees have time to focus on the task at hand. A nice mix of areas for individual work and group work provides balance. Privacy rooms without visual distractions are still in style.

Office Design Should Reflect Your Company

Ultimately, the design you choose for your office space should say something about the company. In many ways, the right design can communicate the mission and brand to employees and clients. This is especially true if, along with the physical redesign, your company is also going through a business model transformation.

Working with a professional design firm can move you from a cubicle farm to a bright and airy network space. Think about how the change can reflect a new focus and product offering.

Make Reception Area Welcoming

First impressions reinforce the image you want to project and one of the best places to begin is with the reception area. It is important that you create an atmosphere that is hospitable and comfortable. One way is to allow daylight to stream inside to impart a feeling of warmth for all who visit your office.

Deciding to upgrade your office to an area where even the delivery person feels welcome will do wonders for your overall company image. It’s a win-win to have employees who enjoy coming to work and clients who feel confident in your ability to deliver.

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