Credit Union/Financial Institutions Document Outsourcing

In case you haven’t noticed lately, there are less amounts of paperwork going out as a means of communication between your business connections and yourself. As business trends go more “green” and paperless, business establishments simply reduce the flow of paperwork in their daily activities.

Trying to eliminate the ever-increasing costs associated with producing paperwork, distributing the documents and seeing that they get to the proper channels, businesses are going the way of outsourcing for their documented means. In essence, enter a new and thriving industry–documented electronic outsourcing.

Primary Industry Users of Outsourced Documents

Financial institutions, such as credit unions, are resorting to a more productive statement processing method. Using credit union statement outsourcing methods, some companies, such as Lanvera, presently produce over 60 million printed and electronic member documents annually. Moreover, they distribute the documentation to over 125 credit union member chapters.

However, credit unions aren’t the only ones using outsourced documents. Banks, brokerage houses, insurance companies, the health care industry, and property/association management firms also look toward this latest trend in electronic/paper documentation production. 

Typical Documentation Used

High quality and secured documented communications include specially designed statements, invoices and notices. In addition, printed loan coupons, 1099s and a highly developed e-document platform made up of e-statements such as e-notices and e-1099s also form part of the delivery systems of these outsourcing firms.

With cutting-edge marketing strategy promotions, especially designed to deliver well-organized content across various mobile devices, many businesses are now finding it to their advantage to simply e-document everything while eliminating as much paperwork as possible.

Other commonly used e-documents currently used and now taken to another level of production, are seen in monthly billing statements, business analysis statements, CRM deployment dispatches, credit card statements, loan/mortgage statements, notices and updates of various processes.

Integrating Paper and e-Documentation To Best Advantage

Combining both paper and electronic document formats when called for, delivery systems are designed for the latest in smart phone and tablet technology. Modern check-imaging has made today’s check processing a matter of easy access and verification that requires much less cumbersome paper storage. 

Through the use of the latest interactive PDF systems, HTML 5 and SMS delivery methods, statements, credit cards and daily notifications coming into your email Inbox are now more efficiently utilized. 

All in all, a far less expensive and more effective method for producing, converting and delivering documentation has now taken over what used to be antiquated and awkward–thanks to the advances in documented outsourcing.

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