Clickbank Check Arrival & Clearing Time in India

Most internet marketers from India are skeptical about making money from Clickbank and most of them generally have questions or doubts regarding the payment, that is, whether Clickbank will send them their hard-earned money or not.

Well, I can vouch for the fact that Clickbank is not a scam since I received a cheque from them a few weeks back (Click here to view the proof). As far as check arrival and clearing time is concerned, here is a brief guide:

Clickbank Check Arrival Time in India

Since Clickbank checks are sent via normal air mails, it can take a while before one arrives at your place. In my case the check took about 20 days to reach my house which is just about fine for me. Generally you can expect Clickbank checks to arrive within 15-25 days and in some cases it might take even 30 days or so. But if it has been more than that, then you should contact CB immediately.

Clickbank Check Clearing Time

Though I have accounts in PNB and SBI, I have been depositing all foreign checks in the latter. After having deposited the CB check in my SBI account, it took around 1 month for the check to clear. Also the clearing fees was not too much and I was credited with Rs. 9200 odd finally (the check amounted to $168.39).

If you have any more queries or doubts, feel free to ask me using the comment form.


  1. nitin jain says:

    Hi harshit bro,
    I m new to online earnings.due to financial problems, I have tried many things to earn some money with my efforts ..but failed…now after reading ur blog I hope I can also do sm thing here..Please give me some tips how to start with …where I will get my customers etc etc….Thanks u bro…well wait for ur reply.
    Nitin jain
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