Top 10 Monthly Blogging Income Reports

From being a mere hobby that was practiced by only a handful of passionate people till a few years ago, blogging has come a long way to emerge as a full-time business for many.

However the irony is that while there are some bloggers who are making a killing with their blogs, there are countless others who hang up their boots soon after starting out on their blogging journey. If you are contemplating about doing the same, then you should definitely take a look at the income reports of some of the top bloggers and get inspired by them:

Blogging Income Reports

Income Reports


1. Smart Passive Income Report

SmartPassiveIncome was started only a couple of years ago but has quickly developed into one of the most popular blogs on passive income. Pat Flynn has been doing a wonderful job with his blog and shares all his methods of creating a great stream of online income with his readers.

The most impressive fact about Pat is that he doesn’t just earn money from one blog, but rather owns many of them. He is constantly looking for more ways to grow his income and doesn’t shy away from sharing all his strategies with his readers either.

His blogging income report says it all. Ever since I’ve been tracking his income report, I’ve seen him consistently make over $30,000 every month!

2. Adsense Flippers Income Report

Justin & Joe, the guys behind Adsense Flippers, are brilliant at making niche websites and selling them at huge profits. Most of the income earned by them is through website sales, followed by adsense and affiliate marketing.

These guys publish monstrous income reports month after month, and even after all those notorious algorithm updates by Google, they are still able to build hundreds of websites every month and sell them for impressive amounts later on (mostly via package sales).

3. JohnChow Income Report

One of the most popular bloggers on the internet, John Chow has been able to make a mark for himself, thanks to those humongous income reports that he used to publish every month.

John Chow shared his blogging income every month in 2007 & 2008, but has never published any income report since. In June 2008, he posted a huge income of $40,000 plus. Going by that report, it is clear that John makes most of his money from affiliate marketing and private ad sales, and is not shy of using text links ads or sponsored reviews for extra money either.

4. AmitBhawani Income Report

Arguably one of India’s best bloggers, Amit Bhawani is a true blogging rock star who owns dozens of blogs as well a number of online & offline businesses . I personally know him and he is one of the most humble people you will ever come across.

Though he has shared only one income report so far back in June 2010 that shows his income at $14,000, his earnings have undoubtedly grown manifold over the last couple of years, as he has been able to develop many blogs that consistently get 50,000 visitors per day!

On his main blog,, he also shares many useful tips & tricks for building a successful blog, so you should definitely check it out.

5. BudgetingInTheFunStuff Income Report

Budgetinginthefunstuff is essentially a personal finance blog that touches upon many other topics as well. Crystal, the owner of the blog, earns most of her income from private advertising (including text link ads), writing and by offering personal blogging services.

On her blog, she shares a variety of information with her readers, right from the art of investing to making money from blogging. The best part is that she has been able to consistently make over $10,000 every month and even manages to surpass the monthly targets she sets for herself.

6. TheFinancialBlogger Income Report

Always on the lookout for more sources of money generation, The Financial Blogger has hit the milestone of making over $125,000 in a single year online. Looking at his income trend over the last few months, it is clear that his online earnings are only growing every month and he has even added some niche websites to his repertoire that have started making money as well.

Coming to the sources of his income, private advertising tops the list most months, closely followed by affiliate deals and adsense. His expenses are astounding too – coming to roughly $4000, mostly because of his investment on his company.

7. Entrepreneurs-Journey Income Report

Considered to be one of the best blogs in the industry, Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs Journey published just one income report in 2007, but that was enough to stir everyone. Back then, his September income amounted to $10,899.83, with text link ads, banner advertising and sponsored reviews sharing the honours and affiliate income leading the pack at $4400.

Though his exact income stats are not known, most people believe that he makes a killing with is blog currently, primarily because of his huge email list which must definitely be making him a lot of money month after month.

8. YoungPrePro Income Report

Bamidele Onibalusi from Nigeria is the star blogger behind YoungPrePro, who came into the limelight after going on a guest post publishing spree for almost a year.

Thanks to those 270+ quality guest posts that he published on some of the most widely read blogs on the internet, Bamidele has been able to land many freelance writing monthly contracts that have been helping him make over $4000+ every month.

9. ShoutMeLoud Income Report

One of the most cooperative bloggers, Harsh Agrawal from India is the owner of ShoutMeLoud and many other successful blogs. Harsh used to publish impressive income reports consistently to motivate budding bloggers but recently stopped publishing them when his blog got hit by the infamous Panda update.

However, skillful as he is, Harsh Agrawal came out all guns blazing and managed to get his previous traffic levels back, and along with that, his previous income as well. In his latest income report, which he published after a gap of almost one year, he has posted an impressive profit of $6178.13, most of which is contributed by affiliate marketing and direct advertisements.

10. FamousBloggers Income Report

Hesham Zebida primarily has two major income generating websites – one on blogging tips (FamousBloggers) and on the other on which he sells custom-made skins for Thesis, known as ThesisAwesome.

While the majority of his income comes from affiliate marketing, he makes over $3000 per month from ThesisAwesome nowadays. The other income sources are direct advertisements, paid reviews, google adsense and Genesis theme customization.



  1. Wow…thanks for the mention…we really appreciate it!

    It’s always interesting to read how other bloggers make their money. I think that by sharing the real deal with your audience it really helps them with ideas they can follow up on.
    Justin recently posted…5 Business Failures That Nearly Killed Our BusinessMy Profile

    • Harshit Singhal says:

      Thanks for taking the time out to comment Justin. Yeah people will surely get inspired, especially after seeing income reports like yours :)
      Keep up the good work and continue to rock!

  2. Nice compilation you have there, Harshit!

    I love reading monthly income because I can see what are the methods the expert use to generate their blogging income. Thanks for sharing and just for your curiosity, I found you from FamousBloggers 😉
    Alan Tay recently posted…Google Toolbar PageRank Update – August 2012My Profile

  3. Didn’t believe nigerians earn good money online. It is encouraging though.

  4. Why (Amit Aggarwal) is not on the list ? He is one of the top bloggers from India and he also might be making a huge income every month, anyhow the list is quite impressive and motivating. Nice compilation.
    Karan Bhagat recently posted…Best 101 Proxy Servers List – Top Free Proxy Sites/WebsitesMy Profile

  5. thanks for sharing

  6. Awesome list here. I am inspired by the earning potential of blogging and articles like these keep me going when times get hard. Not many people can stick it out. I see so many dead blogs online that have been abandoned, because the owners lost sight. I really like how you mentioned Bamidele from Nigeria. I have hopped onto his blog before and he is truly an exceptional writer, and everyone should know who John Chow and Pat Flynn are! Thanks again. Maybe one day I will be here also.


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