Benefits of Going to Driving School as an Adult

Many states require that you successfully complete a driving school program or driver’s education program and pass an examination before getting your license. Those same states often let adults skip this step and get a license after passing both a written and a driving exam. Whether or not you went through one of these programs as a teenager, you may find it helpful to attend one as an adult too. These training programs can teach you how to handle all the other drivers and the hazards that you encounter on the road.

Improve Your Skills

A great reason to sign up for a driver’s ed program is because it can improve and enhance the existing skills that you already have and provide you with a quick refresher. While you learned what to do at a roundabout or at a stop sign as a teen, it’s easy to develop some bad habits over the years. You might stop for a fraction of the second at a stop sign or forget who has the right of way in a roundabout. Driver’s ed can help you refresh your skills and remind you of things you forgot.

Lower Your Car Insurance Rates

Insurers base your rates on your past driving history and other factors like your age, marital status and the type of vehicle that you drive. Though many people do not know it, you can actually lower your car insurance rates after completing one of these programs. When requesting quotes from companies like Mercury Insurance California drivers can contact those companies and let them know that they went through driver’s training. Those companies often lower insurance rates because completing one of these programs increases your chances of avoiding accidents on the road.

Learn Defensive Skills

Some people think of defensive driving as dodging cars and speeding around accidents, but it actually refers to methods and techniques that you can use to avoid stopped cars ahead of you and other hazards that might cause accidents. You’ll learn what to do when wind keeps pushing on your car, how to come to a safe stop when a pile up happens in front of you on the highway and what steps to take when the roads are wet or slick. Learning defensive driving skills is just one of the great benefits of going back to school and completing a driver’s ed program.

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