Aweber vs GetResponse – The Ultimate Faceoff

Aweber vs GetResponseWith quite a lot of internet marketers stressing upon the importance of email marketing to skyrocket their affiliate incomes, it is no surprise that more and more bloggers and webmasters are turning towards email marketing as well, especially after specialized services like Aweber have made email marketing so much easier.

However the topic of much discussion over the last one year or so has been which is the best email marketing service – Aweber or GetResponse. Since I have tried both of them on my most successful websites, I know about them inside out. So I’ve decided to share my experiences with you in this post, and present to you a fair picture about both these services. We’ll take up several aspects into consideration and see how Aweber and GetResponse fare against each other in each of them:

Ease Of Use:

Though both Aweber and GetResponse are pretty easy to use, Aweber still has a slightly better user interface that makes it simple for even complete beginners to get started easily. Its dashboard is pretty neat and the overall learning curve is much shorter.

When you login to Aweber, a number of options are displayed and you can simply select whatever you want to do, without having to search for them by navigating through every option. There’s also a progress bar in Aweber for each list that you create which lets you know how much you have progressed and exactly what steps are remaining. Aweber also has lots of videos and guides that make it easy for a person to understand things better.

However, GetResponse comes with some easy to use features as well, with the most useful being the “Drag and Drop Email creator”, which makes creating emails a breeze and saves you a lot of trouble in the process. Another one is the built-in inbox preview that allows you to preview the emails that you create right within the same window itself.

Winner – Aweber

Opt-in Forms

None of the other articles I came across discuss this, but optin forms are probably the most important aspect to look for when choosing an email marketing service since the better the optin form you use, the more are the chances of a visitor subscribing to your list.

Aweber forms

Though both Aweber and GetResponse have a number of well designed opt-in forms, I still liked Aweber more since its opt-in forms tend to appear more attractive and the choice is more (Aweber has nearly 1500 forms whereas GetResponse offers around 100). Aweber also lets you split test opt-in forms to see which one performs the best.

Winner – Aweber

Email Deliverability

Coming to another important aspect, deliverability of emails, there is not much to choose between them. Both Aweber and GetResponse claim around 99% deliverability rates and that was confirmed by the emails I sent out to my subscriber list.

The email deliverability basically boils down to whether there are any spam elements in the emails you send. The good thing is that whenever you create an email in any of these two services, the spam checker automatically checks your email and assigns a spam score that lets you know whether your emails might get marked as Spam by various ISP’s.

Winner– Both

Email Marketing Campaign Tracking

When it comes to email marketing, tracking your campaigns and fine tuning them is a must since email marketing is all about improving the user engagement, which you can only do if you track your results & know what you need to improve.

Both Aweber and GetResponse have advanced tracking systems that let you assign a code to your email and track everything about it, including the delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate and the number of sales made from each email. GetResponse lets you segment your list according to the responsiveness of your subscribers whereas in both AWeber and GetResponse you can use the geographical segmentation feature to segment your subscribers according to their countries and send them emails accordingly.

An impressive feature offered by GetResponse when it comes to tracking is their advanced social sharing tracking that gives you important information about who shares your content on various social channels. They also have a time travel feature, that allows you to send emails at the same local time all over the world with a click of the mouse.

Winner – Both


Support & guidance is also one of the main things I considered when I became inclined to go for Aweber. However both Aweber and GetResponse come with many tutorials, guides, videos, webinars and live chat that are more than enough for any newbie to learn email marketing.

One thing I’d like to mention about Aweber is their excellent customer support on live chat, as their representatives are very friendly and solve any doubts/queries/issues within minutes. (Edit: going by my conversations with the staff of GetResponse, they seemed eager to help as well, so we can consider them even in this aspect).

The only thing that gives Aweber an edge in my opinion is their comprehensive blog section where they have lots of articles that have quality information about succeeding in email marketing, with live case studies and tips from pro internet marketers.

Winner – Aweber (only slightly though)


One thing I’d like to mention here is that most people tend to look for the cheapest service but what they don’t realize is that you get what you pay for. Since email marketing has the potential of making you big bucks if you succeed at it, you shouldn’t really worry about the small difference in pricing between email marketing services and should always go for the best.

As you can see from the monthly pricing table below, GetResponse is slightly cheaper than Aweber especially when the number of subscribers is less, but there is a considerably difference in pricing once you cross more than 1000 subscribers. However that being said, once you do get to that stage, you won’t really have to worry about the pricing since you would probably be making good money every month.

Winner – GetResponse

Overall Verdict:

We have comprehensively discussed all aspects about both Aweber and GetResponse, and as you can see for yourself, there is not much to choose from between the two. Both of them have greatly improved their services in the last couple of years and now offer advanced features which means it’s almost 50-50 betweem them, although Aweber still holds an edge.

The bottom line is that both these services are great, and you are the ultimate winner when you decide to go for any of them (Although the general opinion is that Aweber is better).

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  1. Thanks for a helpful article–do you know how “portable” mailing lists are between Aweber & GetResponse (if you try one & want to switch)?
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