April 2015 Blog Income Report – Top 5

Business has been going slow for most of the bloggers over the last few months, mainly due to lesser private advertising deals though traffic has been steady over the same period. However some bloggers are still making a killing, and those are the ones that have diversified streams of income. Those who relied heavily on advertising and sponsored reviews have had to bear the brunt of a slowdown in business so I guess it’s time to realize how important diversification is, not just in blogging but in every business depending on its model.

Let’s hope the blogging community sees some better days ahead in the coming months and this temporary slowdown is overcome sooner rather than later. Consulting and providing services has seen a steady increase for most of the bloggers covered in this article. This can be attributed to the fact that many new bloggers are coming on the scene hearing about the success of others in this field and they require services from the experienced campaigners to start off their blogging pursuits. Affiliate marketing has also proved to be a consistent winner for the majority of the high income earners, while very few of them rely on Adsense to generate a sizeable income from their blogs. For now, let’s take a look at some of the income reports that have been published by bloggers for the month of April.

1. Shoutmeloud

Harsh Agrawal of Shoutmeloud has been posting consistently impressive monthly numbers, though he has recently started publishing income reports since the last few months probably after realizing they bring in significant traffic which translates to potential customers for his services and affiliate products. For April 2015, his sites have brought in $14,403 which is a nice increase over the last few months. The traffic on his site has also been consistent, hovering close to 20,000 visitors per day which is not surprising considering he ranks highly for most of the keywords. Clearly affiliate marketing has been his biggest revenue contributor, making for more than 75% of his overall income. The services income which used to be in the high hundreds has seen a significant decrease to just $219.

2. MatthewWoodward

By now you would have heard about MatthewWoodward since he has been regularly publishing income reports for a couple of years now. Not only that, his numbers continue to impress each time and that’s because he keeps a close tab on his rankings and revenue sources which is a great thing to do for a blogger who wishes to continue his success journey. His income for April 2015 is $26,283 out of which a big contributor is Affiliate marketing which is natural to see since he is now followed by a lot of people and they see him as an authority figure and buy the tools recommended by him. The best part about his income is that his expenses are very minimal, just $49 as per the article.

3. AffEngineer

I haven’t seen many of his income reports over the last few years but going by his site, he had posted a profit of $85, 302 for March 2014 which is simply mind-numbing (better than Pat Flynn!). But his income has seen a big drop off and for April 2015 he has just posted an income of $4108, most of which is contributed by his blog Affengineer. Supposedly he also builds email lists and has a significant subscriber base which is adding to his profits every month. He also tasted great success with TeeSpring but has seen almost 100 failed campaigns recently, which sounds quite painful to me.

4. Retiredby40Blog

I personally enjoy reading this blog, probably because the name rings a bell in my head as I’m a huge proponent of passive income. This site gets around 5000 pageviews a day which is quite significant especially in this competitive niche. The total income for April is $3915, out of which Affiliate sales contribute roughly 70%. Income from sponsored content has seen a dip, adding just $150 in this month. This seems to be a growing trend now as most of the sites have seen less advertising queries, which is worrying to be honest.

5. SoOverThis

This blog is an anomaly in terms of my observation about a dip in advertising, since it claims to have made more than $8500 for April 2015 just from advertising. Now what kind of advertising it is, is difficult to suggest. What I like about this earnings report is that the share from affiliate marketing is less than 10% of the overall income, which means there is a lot of potential for earnings increase in the coming months if the owner starts focusing more on affiliate products. For now the total income for April is $8206, after accounting for the expenses.


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