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Starting out as an Amazon affiliate? May be you started a while back, haven’t made any sales so far and are thinking of quitting? You couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Amazonian Profit Plan, which has been written by the hugely successful Amazon Affiliates, Wenda & Paula, two friends who make over $10,000 per month promoting Amazon products. Now you would be thinking their blogs must be getting huge traffic or they might have emplyed some blackhat techniques. But let me tell you their methods are 100% white hat and their primary blog which accounts for 90% of the sales, gets only a couple of thousand visitors a day. You can see their huge Amazon affiliate earnings for the month of November in the screenshot below:

Wenda and Paula Earnings

So that should be enough to make you believe if they can do it, you can do it too ! It’s all about their pitching method and they way they pre-sell the click, which means they build a solid foundation by reviewing the product and explaining in detail what the product offers and how it is helpful for the customer. I’ve read Amazonian Profit Plan and can guarantee that one one else can offer you the inside secrets of making money with Amazon. They give their exact methods which they use to make thousands of dollars with Amazon. The best part is that these methods really work and are extremely simple to use.

They vouch for the fact that you don’t need many websites to succeed with Amazon. The idea of niche blogs has been over-hyped. Not only is it time-consuming but involves a lot of manual labour as well. Throughout their course, they guarantee you can make thousands of dollars with just five pages of content. And that’s because it’s only a few pages on their site that are earning them heaps of money over and over again, every month.


What Makes Amazonian Profit Plan So Effective?

The course contains a step-by-step approach to raking in huge moolahs with the Amazon Associates Program. Each part is explained in great detail and they list out their exact criteria to selecting great products and the factors they consider while doing so. Not only that, they take great pain by giving live examples of how to outrank your competitiors and achieve the number one spot on google. They also give out their inside secrets to getting traffic to their reviews, along with great conversions.

After reading their course, I decided to test the methods listed in Amazonian Profit Plan some time back and the results have been phenomenal. The same month that I started using their methods, I sold 15 high-priced items via my affiliate link, with a staggering conversion rate of nearly 4%. Not only that, the CTR (click-through rate) to Amazon has been very impressive as well, around 30%. This has been possible due to FlexSqueeze theme which is widely believed to be best theme for any affiliate marketer. It provides a clean, easily-customizable layout with over 250 skins that shoots up the CTR significantly, in some cases, up to 400% !

So without further ado, just purchase Amazonian Profit Plan. You will be able to earn back the $97 you pay for this life-changing course very soon. There’s no better way of spending $97 than buying Amazonian Profit Plan, for it has the potential to earn thousands of dollars for you. It is a fool proof method that never fails and if you follow the methods listed in it, you will most probably make a few sales in your very first month. And if you don’t fancy selling Amazon products, you can choose any affiliate program you want to promote, be it Clickbank, Commission Junction, ShareASale or any other, the guidelines & step-by-step approach in the course will still work like a charm.



  1. The biggest mistake most people make with Amazon is just sticking a link in a post and hoping for the best. In reality the best thing to do is to actually purchase the product and then do a review as more people are likely to buy something from someone who has actually used it.

    As to FlexSqueeze, it’s the best theme out there. Oh, if I was getting a couple of thousand hits a day I would be doing pretty well too. 😉
    Sire recently posted…The Secret To Online Success Is Passive IncomeMy Profile

    • Harshit Singhal says:

      Hi Sire, Thanks for you comment. Yes, you are quite right but owning each & every product is not possible. A nice strategy used by other successful Amazon Affiliates is writing a comprehensive review of the product first and then whey they make a few affiliate sales, they go & buy the product and add the finer details to the review. This method words pretty well and doesn’t require you to own the products you review initially.

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