5 Best Comment Spam Blocker Plugins for WordPress

With spammers not leaving any opportunity of creating backlinks these days, anti-spam plugins have become a necessity for every blog. Though these plugins don’t limit the number of spam comments pouring in a blog, they certainly save us a lot of time and effort required to manually delete those comments.

Though Aksimet is the most popular comment spam blocker plugin on WordPress and the most preferred one too, there is no dearth of other good such plugins that you could use on your blog. So let’s take a look at the top 5 of them:

1. Akismet

When we talk of preventing spam comments, the number one plugin that comes to mind is Akismet, not because it is recommended by almost every WordPress blogger out there, but also because it is very simple to use and works effortlessly, without the need for any manual work. Though Akismet requires you to get an API key before you can use it, the KEy is easy to get and most importantly, free.

The best part about Akismet is that it makes very few errors in weeding out spam comments and instantly recognizes whether a comment is suitable to be published on a blog or has any spam element in it.

2. Spam Free WordPress

Another very popular plugin that has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 in the WordPress repository. The plugin claims to block 100% of the automated spam with zero false positives, which it seems to fulfill, going by the number of positive reviews it has received from users.

A manual blocking option is also present in the plugin which allows you to list local IP addresses for manual spam. Another good thing about Spam Free WordPress plugin is that its database does not cause any extra load on your blog even under heavy spam conditions. You also won’t have to shell out any money for it since it is free and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.

3. WP ReCaptcha

If you want to get some extra protection from spam comments, you could choose to go with WP ReCaptcha comment spam plugin. The plugin only lets someone comment when he enters the right captcha which means only legitimate visitors will be able to comment on your blog and most spam commentators/bots will be weeded out automatically.

Though this plugin can be good for blocking spam comments, it also makes it a bit more tedious for a visitor to comment on your blog, which can make the reader experience a bit sour and people may just decide not to comment for the extra work required on their behalf. Also since you can’t be guaranteed of blocking all spam comments with this plugin, you will most probably have to use another antispam plugin in conjunction with it or you would have to delete all those spam comments manually, which is going to be another issue. However this plugin is also free to use and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository as well.

4. Cookies for Comments

This is the most unusual antispam plugin for WordPress that I’ve come across. Unlike other spam blocking plugins, Cookies for Comments anti-spam plugin has a very unusual way of detecting spam comments. The way it works is that it attaches a cookie to the users browser when they visit any post/page on your blog.

If the user tries to comment on your blog, then the plugin first checks whether their computers has the same cookie that it had previously attached. If the match is wrong, then the user’s comment is automatically marked as spam! Since automated bots and other bulk commenting softwares cannot take cookies, this is a rather smart way of eradicating spam comments. The only issue with this plugin however is that all the comments that have been marked as spam by this plugin will have to be manually moderated by you before they can be deleted!

5. AVH First Defense Against Spam

The AVH First Defense Against Spam is a nice plugin indeed that gives you the ability to block spammers even before the content is served! This can be done by either checking their IP for spam at the Project Honey Pot, local IP blocklist or the local IP cache.

Whenever an IP is blocked, the plugin also gives you the option of displaying a message to the visitor as to why his access was blocked. There is also an option to block spammers that access the wp-comments-post.php by making them go through a comment security check so that they may not be able to leave spam comments. An email can also be sent when the security check fails.

All-in-all, it’s a good plugin that saves bandwidth since spammers won’t be able to even access your content. The plugin is free to use and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.



  1. A good writeup. Apart from that I do agree on Akismet and it remains one of the top spam blocker till date with negligible errors.
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