3 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship is a word that inspires many, reminding them of their dreams to achieve something big, to make a mark and set the world on fire. Although there are countless rags to riches stories of people who started out with ver little or nothing, yet managed to defy the odds and achieve truly astounding success, there are thousands who fell along the way as well. So what is that separates from the successful ones from those who stumbled and finally gave up?

As surprised as you may be, though business ideas, strategies and implementation are certainly important, there are certain mental attributes that set them apart from the rest. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Self-belief

Self-belief is the cornerstone of a man’s success. Too little of it, and may you struggle to make a mark, however more than the required amounts of it translates into overconfidence and complacency, enough to bring down an entire empire! In terms of entrepreneurship, you have to have absolute faith in yourself and your product, and believe in it so much that the confidence oozes off onto others. While the product or service may yet have to be validated by the world, you would not be able to meet the challenges along the way if you’re short on belief in yourself.

2. Vision

Much like self-belief, an entrepreneur cannot reach too far if there’s a lack of vision for his product or idea in his mind. It is this vision that gives start-up owners the ability to meet obstacles head on and emerge victorious from them, since they have an end result in their mind which gives them unlimited motivation to keep chugging along and ignoring any setbacks they face in their paths. Vision also involves the ability to find opportunity in adversity, as it is often in times of struggle that one needs to have the flexibility to alter their approach and look for ideas that may turn out to be invaluable in the long term.

3. Tenacity

Call it tenacity, rigor, patience or perservence, it’s all the same thing but it matters a lot for an entrepreneur since there is hardly be a smooth path laid out for them, and they have to face countless challenges and setbacks in their desire to build an organization worth remembering. The path for an entrepreneur is always zigzag, which means one time things may look all rosy and comfortable and you may feel you’re on top of the world, but another day it might look like a totally picture to you, with things getting our of control and you being unable to do much. It is in these times that an entrepreneur is tested, since only the strong ones who have a strong will to succeed are able to come out on top in the end, courtesy their mental virtues.


  1. Great tips,Harshit

    Special I love your Traits because I always have motive to take action


  2. Confidence and tenacity are the key to success in any field, not in the field of business.

  3. i like the second point. A right vision will take you in right direction.

  4. I wish to become an entrepreneur one day!
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  5. Hi,
    This is really an awesome, short and quick guide. Usually, I don’t like long post, I love short and more descriptive posts. thank you for this..

  6. Entrepreneurs keep going no matter what the problem. I do not know whether it is being stubborn enough to succeed, fear of failure or being visionary!

  7. Off course, these 3 tips is a great key factor of success and you described it very well. Nice post it is. Thanks for sharing your view.

  8. HI,
    This is the awesome blog. I would like to share few more entrepreneurs.
    1. Self-brief, handwork & discipline dedication.
    2. Risk taking
    3. Adaptability & flexibility
    4. Understand your offering and its market.
    5. Money management
    6. Planning but not over planning
    7. Networking abilities.

  9. Self belief is the key to becoming successful. as the saying goes what you think you shall become is what will most definitely end up becoming because when you believe in something you are bound to put all your time into ensuring that you accomplish your objective.

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